We supply contact brushes of standard sizes and per customer’s specifications. The type of material is chosen depending on specifications of an electrical-mechanical device and manufacturer’s requirements.
We also offer other components of electrical motors such as: brush holders, collectors, sliprings, etc. On customer’s request we perform on-site installation works.

Electro graphite brushes

electro graphite brushes
- are available in a wide range of types. They are installed on all types of modern motors: stationary and mobile; high speed, low-voltage and high-voltage, with continuous or alternating voltage.

Copper graphite brushes

cooper graphite brushes
- are mainly installed on low-speed direct current motors used under low- and extremely-low voltage; and they are used in electric driven heavy vehicles.

Silver graphite brushes

silver graphite brushes
- are used where it is required to give and transfer the most exact power to sliprings or collectors.